5 Best Car Insurance for Drivers with Points

Best Car Insurance for Drivers with Points

Getting points due to poor driving actions can be a nightmare for the drivers, particularly for those who still fight to get car insurance. You may have trouble obtaining coverage, even when you can get one you will end up paying much more in premiums. Here is the list of best car insurance for drivers with points that offer higher opportunity for full coverage.


Gainsco sells nonstandard and minimum limits specialty personal auto policies. It means that the company will cover high-risk policies, conducted through MGA Insurance Company. However, there are no policy discount incentives because it only offers exclusive coverage or policy packages to its customers.

Safe Auto

Safe Auto covers for SR-22 insurance by giving a certification to show a proof that the drivers carrying the minimum liability coverage required by the state. There are several circumstances require SR-22 including DUI/DWI, repeat traffic offense, revoke license, or at-faults driving accidents without insurance. Safe Auto will help to get SR-22 documentation by calling the customer service, so the drivers can legally drive again. However, the SR-22 can only be filed in the state of issued car insurance policy.


Titan is a non-standard subsidiary of Nationwide, an 8th largest insurance company by car insurance premium in 2013. When not all insurance company issues SR-22, Titan does, so do covering insurance for drivers who get points from traffic violations, DUI/DWI, and high-risk category. Titan offers insurance for high-risk drivers as little as $1 a day, especially to help them who hard to earn money. Here, no wonder Titan comes up as one of the best car insurance for drivers with points and other related cases with poor driving records.


Dairyland is an insurance company specializes in auto, non-owned auto, motorcycle, and SR22 coverage and non-standard auto policies. In this insurance company, the policyholders are part owners of the company which means it’s a mutual or shared company with more than 1.1 million policyholders. For example, Dairyland is the best car insurance for drivers with points for the special case of DUI conviction. Dairyland offers Auto non-owner car insurance policy, especially those with SR22 or FR44 financial responsibility filing. Usually, the company will charge you for this filling, but Dairyland won’t.

Geico Casualty

Geico is considered as the best car insurance for drivers with points on the field and Geico Casualty is the subsidiary for high-risk drivers or drivers with points. On ranking non-standard car insurance companies, Geico is placed no.1 with the least complaint index. The company has more than 13 million policies which cover more than 22 million vehicles. During application, the insurer will assign one based on the risk factors of the drivers.

You can shop around to compare quotes to find the insurances that most affordable and meet your needs. You need also consider lowering your insurance premium by asking discounts for your car coverage. These two things should be followed before you put your choice to one of the best car insurance for drivers with points above.