The Best Three Car Insurance Companies in US

Who does not have a car these days? Since the level of busyness is increasing, people need a transportation that can take them to one place to another efficiently. So, the answer is, most of the people surely have car. Nowadays, car insurance companies are being hunted by people because that type of insurance is the most requested. It is caused by the increase of the owners’ awareness of their precious car. Besides, there are some traffic accidents that require people to prevent it from searching a thing that can cover their loss in case there is something bad happen. The following are the best three car insurance companies that you can choose.

  • The Hartford as the best overall

Best Three Car Insurance Companies

The reason why the Hartford is one of the best car insurance companies is because their customers are the happiest of them all. It can be looked at the study which stated that the Hartford’s recent claimants are over 12,000 claimants. Many people trust their vehicle, especially their car, to the Hartford’s best service. Also, the Hartford offers some discounts that do not offer by other car insurance companies, such as a rare discount for those who drive electric vehicle.

  • Nationwide is on the second place

Best Three Car Insurance Companies

Nationwide has the third highest satisfaction ratings in the nation, and it is the reason why Nationwide in the runner-up of the best car insurance companies. Financial stability rating of Nationwide is an A+ based on A.M. Best and S&P which is on the same level with the Hartford. Besides, Nationwide offers “Pet Injury Coverage” as their rare offer. Therefore, you do not have to worry to pay the vet because you have hit a cat.

  • USAA is worth to be considered

Best Three Car Insurance Companies

The reason why USAA is worth to be considered as one of the best car insurance companies by US military and their family is they have the highest possible ratings from A.M. Best which is AA+ rating. USAA also give coverage for those who are qualified for USAA, such as active, retired, and honorably discharged officers, former USAA members who have property or auto insurance, widows, widowers or Un-remarried former spouses of USAA members and much more. But the only disappointing thing is, they are in their league for two favored policies which are GAP insurance and prepay discount.

Well, that is all the best three car insurance companies which offer many outstanding advantages. You do not have to be confused to choose one of them.   You can consider them to be the most suitable car insurance which fits with your need. There is no one that hoping something bad happen to their stuff, especially car. But, by joining car insurance can be a good choice as the first step to protecting your precious car. Besides, you do not have to worry, because there is insurance that will cover up your loss after accidental problem which there are so many, such as losing car, natural disaster, riot, and other minor problem.