Can I Get Auto Insurance for High Risk Drivers?

Once you get bad driving records, you will be categorized as high risk drivers. It will result in difficulties to get auto insurance. Then, the question that comes up is, “Can I get auto insurance for high risk drivers?” Check the answer below.

Who are High Risk Drivers?

High risk driver is defined as those who have higher risk than others while driving, mostly not eligible for insurance through a preferred carrier. High risk drivers who even can’t get the best insurance rate, including:

  • Drivers who don’t have best insurance credit
  • Drivers who included in at fault driving accident or other traffic violations
  • Drivers who don’t have their own home
  • Young or teenagers drivers
  • Elderly drivers
  • Higher risk driver includes those who experience DUI/DWI, multiple traffic violations and driving without insurance.

auto insurance for high risk drivers

How Long Will I Be High Risk Drivers?

Different category brings different rates for auto insurance for high risk drivers, such as:

  • Drivers who bring no prior insurance, once they get their insurance back they need to pay for higher rates for 6-continuous months.
  • For minor violation can affect the rates for 3 years frame. For multiple tickets case, they can get back into a preferred carrier when the violation of 3-years falls off. However, you need to wait for renewal whether to check the rate whether you still stay in the same carrier or not.
  • Drivers who get DUI tickets or other major violation affect their insurance rate up to 5 years for insurance carrier. Generally, an SR-22 filling must be added onto insurance policy.

What is High Risk Auto Insurance?

This high risk auto insurance is auto insurance for high risk drivers for those categorized above. Mostly, insurance providers will require the high risk drivers to pay at higher prices coverage. Some others even don’t sell them at all. However, there are still some company insurances that provide affordable auto insurance for high risk drivers.

How to Find the Cheap High Risk Auto Insurance?

High risk drivers might want to get the cheap auto insurance although their situation requires an additional financial risk for the rates. But, here are 2 ways you can do to save your money by:

  • Shopping around the area.

You need to compare insurance provider quotes to find the one that offers affordable, cheap, and more over the one that meets your needs.

  • Lowering your insurance premium.

You can do it by asking for auto insurance discounts. By doing this way, you can save your money based on the available situation in every state.

  • Join driving school

By taking driving courses, the insurers will see your effort to fix your driving problems. In so, the company might want to offer discounts when it’s allowed.

It’s kind of difficult to get auto insurance for high risk drivers. Still, it doesn’t mean impossible. When you go shop around, there are some insurance companies that dare to give you a cheap insurance coverage. However, you should be careful on the road to avoid being categorized as those high risk drivers in the future.