When To Drop Collision Coverage on Auto Insurance

When To Drop Collision CoverageCollision coverage is a type of policy in auto insurance. Collision coverage will be used when you had a car accident, and then your insurance will pay for the repairing cost, or for replacing your car with the new one. The coverage of collision policy includes accident when your car hits another car, it hits sidewalk or building. In this case, for collision policy, the claim will be given as long as there is no victim in the accident, and the car condition is damaged by such incidents. And then, if you already had this collision policy on auto insurance, When To Drop Collision Coverage?

When To Drop Collision Coverage on auto insurance? You could drop it the time after the incident happen. Make sure that during the incident there is no human victim, except yourself. If you hit another car and cause to victim body injured, this collision coverage might not be able to cover your victim, as it is not included in the policy. While in that condition, liability coverage is the suitable policy for that, to cover the payment of your victim, when you are accused fault. So you need to make sure that in the time accident happen, there is no victim with such bodily injury.

By all means, when your car hit another car or stationary objects, what you need to do is immediately make report and claim to your insurance company. Most of the insurance company have an officer which is responsible to handle one until five of their client, which means you have person in charge to contact and claiming your auto insurance. In that time, your insurance company will analyze the accident which has happened to your car and decides When To Drop Collision Coverage. As soon as you are reporting the accident, as soon as your claim will be approved by insurance company, and you will get your car repaired.

It means that if you are involved in a car accident and your car damaged badly When To Drop Collision Coverage as soon as possible. There will be two types of decision which will be taken by your insurance company. First is when your car damaged badly but the repairing cost is still bearable and not exceed the maximum price on insurance agreement, then your insurance will pay for the repairing cost. In some cases, insurance company will be the one who brings your car to the repairing station, so that you will be worry free, as that is a part of insurance company services.

The second type is when repairing payment cost higher than the maximum price as has been agreed in the insurance, you do not need to worry because your insurance company will still help you. Even though insurance company will not bring your car to repairing station, instead, they will buy you the same car with the same type. It is because buying new car might cost less compared to repairing it. However, the condition, if you do not want to get the new car, you could still repair your car but should handle the excess payment by yourself. In that case When To Drop Collision Coverage as soon as possible.