Involved in Parking Lot Accident No Police Report

A car accident does not only happen in road and in street, it could happen anywhere by such cause and reason. The collision is the type of car accident which is not caused by human mistake, but by such natural disaster. The condition happens when a treebank fall over a car or a car get bump by another car because of typhoon, and so on. The car accident also several times happen in parking lot. In fact, when car accident involved in parking lot, it might give us disadvantage, as the known rule is “Parking Lot Accident No Police Report.”

Parking Lot Accident No Police Report is not the written rule, even so, in reality, people who bumped their car with another car in parking lot are not making report to police. Even if you tried to report car accident happened in parking lot, but police will not respond to the report. Police usually respond to the accident which is happening within traffic. The parking lot is not the responsibility area of police officer so that they might ignore accident happen there, especially if the accident commonly about a car bumping into another car. In this case, police officer might say that it is driver mistake, and driver should take responsibility for their own action and mistake.

Parking Lot Accident No Police Report

The unwritten rule of Parking Lot Accident No Police Report existed is because the accident happened in parking lot commonly is not the big accident. Car bumping into each other often causes no victim and injury. For police, their officer might help resident for a great car accident in time it causes injury and causes traffic problem. In order to solve car accident problem in parking lot, resident could report it to the security in that area, which they might better in help.

As we know that usually when car accident involved, it should be reported to police. Nevertheless, because the parking lot is not under police responsibility, so it is applied the rule Parking Lot Accident No Police Report. In that case, it happens to you as victim, you better tell security who is responsible for that building and especially parking lot keeper. They might help you to return car position into its place, mediate victim and the fault, and help you call the cargo boom for car.

The best action to take when car accident happens in parking lot (as the rule Parking Lot Accident No Police Report implied), is reporting to your car insurance. Making claim to insurance officer will help more, as they will take action as soon as you make report and ask the claim. They will survey your condition, interviewing you about the case, and process your claim. Car insurance could be claimed even for accident happened in parking lot. Even so, such policy could not be applied in this case like liability policy. It is because mostly, car accident in parking lot will not cause liability condition. Nevertheless, you still could make claim and repair your damaged car. It is better than not taking any action.