How Long After An Accident Can You File A Claim your insurance

How Long After An Accident Can You File A ClaimMost of the people who owned car pay monthly for their car insurance. Having insurance for your car is important to help you fix problem in the future. There are several car insurances like liability insurance, which is a policy to help you fix problem when you are accused as fault during an accident. The money you have paid monthly, according to this policy, will then go to the victim. It is then different with other policy like collision which an insurance for your car when it is hit by fallen tree or another disaster which is not caused by you. Aside from these two, there are still many policies within car insurance which you could apply. And then when you already have an insurance, How Long After An Accident Can You File A Claim for your insurance?

When you are involved in car accident, you should report it to your insurance officer to process a claim. How Long After An Accident Can You File A Claim? You should claim it as soon as possible, maximum 7 days after the accident. Especially when your car damaged badly, in the day you involved an accident, you should immediately make a report to your insurance company. Most of the insurance company had an office which is responsible for one until five clients. As their client, you could contact this officer in order to settle your problem as soon as possible.

As just mentioned above, How Long After An Accident Can You File A Claim, you should immediately contact your insurance company. Do not think too long, either you are accused as the fault, or you are victim, what you need to do is make report as soon as possible. The faster you report your accident case, the faster they (insurance company) will proceed your wish. By all that means, you will get your car repairing and body treatment paid by your insurance. In that time, you won’t spend any of your money for those things. If you are late in making report, you might not able to get benefit of your insurance, and it could be said that it is a waste to pay monthly insurance payment without using it even for once.

What if during accident you injured badly and could not make report within 7 days? How Long After An Accident Can You File A Claim in that case? You should make report as soon as possible after 7 days passed from the accident. If you could not make report by yourself, you could ask the help of your siblings, family, friends, or another person, to make report to your insurance company for you. With the substitutional report, your insurance company mostly will visit you in the hospital and make sure about the condition. In that time, when your insurance officer have met you, they will understand how bad the situation.

However, How Long After An Accident Can You File A Claim, is that you should report is as quick as possible. Do not bother about your condition as fault or victim, just make a claim. If you are unable to make it, then ask help to somebody you could trust.