How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance

Full Coverage car insurance is the condition when you get in the car accident and need to claim the payment for all you need for your treatment and car. How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance? In fact, it is rare that insurance company would like to cover all the payment you need during the car accident. Especially in the case when you are accused as the fault in the accident. Even so, insurance company will still help you to fix your problem like repairing car and also your treatment, even though in the end you still need to cover some cash for the total payment.

How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance also depends on the policy you took in the first insurance. Personal Insurance will cover all you need for body injuries treatment, without deciding either you are the victim or you are the fault. This insurance is purely dedicated for you and will cover all your need. Even so, this type of insurance will be different with liability insurance. This type of policy will cover to the victim if you are accused to be the fault during the accident. It means, all the money will go to the victim and will not cover your treatment even if you are badly injured, as long as you are fault.

How Much is Full Coverage Car InsuranceLiability coverage does not cover your car repairing payment, nor the victim’s car repairing payment. It is only given for physical treatment. While Collision coverage will cover the damage in your car which is caused by collision. Comprehensive coverage almost similar with collision coverage, but different. This coverage will cover your car damage, but not caused by collision. It is like caused by vandalism, by another naughty teenager who breaks your car when you park it and caused by other people who in aware of damaging your car. How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance for it is that it will not cover fully by the insurance company, and might only be 70%.

How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance? It is commonly known as 100/300/100. That term means that 100,000 USD will be given to person injured by the accident caused by you, 300,000 USD will be given for accident happened to you, and 100,000 USD will be given as collision and comprehension coverage. The payment might also be different from one state to another.

How Much is Full Coverage Car Insurance? It is different from one country to other. In Alaska, the average rate is 1,109 USD, in Alabama average rate is 1,299 USD, in Arkansas is 1,370 USD, in Arizona is 1,356 USD. In California average rate is 1,518 USD, Colorado 1,404 USD, Connecticut 1,771 USD, DC 1,723 USD, Delaware 1,646 USD, in Florida it is 1,823 USD, Georgia 1,340 USD, Hawaii average annual rate is 1,458 USD, Iowa 1,015 USD, Idaho 941 USD, Illinois 1,004 USD, Indiana 964 USD. Kansas average annual rate is 1,242 USD, Kentucky 1,752 USD, Louisiana2,190 USD. Massachusetts average annual rate 1,191 USD, Maryland 1,390 USD, Maine 925 USD, Michigan 2,484 USD.