How Much Insurance Pays for Totaled Car

Every one of us, of course, do not want to imply in the car accident, especially the serious ones. Even so, we never know when it can happen, and it can happen every time, even we have carefully driven. Sometimes the car accident is not only caused by our own mistakes, but it also happened by other people mistakes. It will be easier for you having car insurance to cover the payment you need, both for yourself treatment and also for car repairing. If the car damage badly because of the accident, How Much Insurance Pays for Totaled Car?

How Much Insurance Pays for Totaled Car is depend on the insurance you paid every month and the policy you took in first time deciding. First of all, let us explain what is car total loss. It is the condition when your car is badly damage because of the accident, and the insurance payment for buying new car is cost lower than repairing that damaged car. It means that you will have total loss of car, because of the repairing payment might be more expensive than buying the new one. In this case, insurance company will ask your agreement to change your damaged car to the new one.

In the case of total loss car, some people are agreeing with insurance company suggestion to change to the new car. Even so, many of them are disagree because they thought that their car had the memory of themselves. In the end, the problem for the client is not about the repairing price which will cost higher, but the memory they might leave and forget, by changing to a new car. And then How Much Insurance Pays for Totaled Car? It is the same amount of the new car with the same type you had.

How Much Insurance Pays for Totaled Car

How Much Insurance Pays for Totaled Car? Simply saying, if you have Honda Jazz car, and it is damaged almost in all part, insurance company might change it to the new ones with the same type of the Honda Jazz. Usually, the insurance company will approve the claim after considering than 70% of the part of all car are damaged. Less than 70% part which is damaged, insurance company will give payment for repairing. Even so, if less than 70% is damaged but the repairing price will have higher cost, insurance and then will cover to buy new car.

How Much Insurance Pays for Totaled Car? In fact, most of the insurance company will look at the circumstance and might not pay the full repairing coverage. It is because the insurance company did not want to take the high risk and face the unbenefited situation for their company. For the collision insurance, it is optional. In case you are not carrying collision insurance, you might not get coverage for your car repairing during the accident which sentenced you as the fault. While if there is damage caused by fire or natural disaster, will be covered by comprehensive auto insurance. In fact, if you had total loss car, most of the insurance policies will pay you the actual value.