Tips and Tricks to Buying Car Insurance for New Car

car insurance for new car

The first time after you bought a new car, you will think that you will drive it carefully and protect it from the bad thing that can happen in the street. Before you take your car home, it is better to complete the auto insurance formalities. All you need to do is buying car insurance for new car to make sure that your new car is in the safest hand. Your car dealer may offer a good policy, but it is better to check it around by yourself. It aims to make sure it is suitable for your needs and budget.  The following are tips and tricks to buying car insurance for the new car.

  • Choosing Car Insurance Coverage

Before you choose your car insurance coverage, you have to know first that there are two kinds of insurance, which are TLO (Total Loss Only) and comprehensive. TLO insurance (just like the name) only covers major damages, while comprehensive insurance covers minor and major damages. Since a new car would not have any problem with the engine or stuff, all you need consider is the minor damages that might be happening. Therefore, it is better to you to take comprehensive on car insurance for new car for the first two years. It can cover several problems such as bodily injury liability, property damage liability, own car damage and physical injuries.

  • The  Importance of Buying Add-on Covers

You need to pamper perfectly and enhance your comprehensive car insurance for new car policy with several facilities. Claim your Zero Dep Cover to save your money when your car is damaged or stolen. You will meet your claim without any depreciation. Better to have an Invoice Cover to get compensation when you are still paying the car loan. It is recommended to have Engine Protect Cover when your engine breaks down due to non-accident.

  • Knowing Your Premium

There are several factors that affect your premium. The factors that may have minimal control to your premium are your age, gender, location, driving record and other factors that can determine your premium. Another factor on car insurance for new car that can affect your premium is, what is your car model. Apart from the factors above, your car price has a big part to affect your premium fee. The better the car then the higher the premium that you get. Therefore, if you have a medium-class car, it would not be your problem.

Most people believe that they have to buy car insurance from the car dealer, but you never know that they just a whole buncha new thing. Your car dealer is selling a car, not the insurance. So, you do not have to buy car insurance for new car from your car dealer. Buying car insurance is a crucial thing. You have to do research to get the best price that suits your needs. It is important to get different quotes from some car insurance company, and you can compare them with that of the dealer.